Anna, thank you so much for the session yesterday. Though I left your house feeling a new sense of confidence, it took me a while to realize how well the session worked...I feel completely free from the negative feelings and thoughts I decided to let go of, and I almost can’t believe it! Things I’ve been carrying around with me for decades hold no weight anymore. What a gift this is. I’m really looking forward to going back to see you and working a bit deeper.
— Elizabeth
Thank you Anna.  Your session truly moved the energy through, creating space for the changes I needed to make. It really made it easier to see the direction Spirit had for me to take.
— Steven
As a healers healer, a ceremonialist and an explorer of indigenous cultures around the world I have been exposed to many complimentary approaches to achieve wellness. The sessions Anna Clejan has journeyed me through have been both informative and highly effective in dislodging the seen and unseen places I’ve been stuck to open channels of clarity where I need to adjust. The effect has helped in freeing me to find the strength to step away from the people, places and things that impede me from my purpose by illuminating a deeper understanding of why I have clung to them as I have. I am extremely grateful for the work Anna offers and highly recommend exploring it to anyone who’s ready to go deeper into the active participation of their own well being.  Thank you again Anna.  Blessings on your journey and the lives of those called to your assistance.
— Steve Andersen
I’ve had experiences with different light-workers and energy healers over the years and there’s no doubt that my experiences with Anna have been the most profound and intense. This experience is not for the timid, but open-minded people who are ready for deep emotional and spiritual healing based on a practice that’s been used for thousands of years.
— Eric Striffler
Anna is truly a miracle worker. She was able to connect with my deepest issues very quickly and help me release the old baggage that did not serve me any more. She uses multiple energy healing techniques and each one was very effective. After each session, I felt better and happier and with a lighter feeling as if a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. I recommend her fully.
— Marc A.
Thank you for an amazing session and experience with you. I feel very grateful and blessed to have been with you today. In honor of your gifts, I will take your counsel and healing on board. I vow to be true to myself and let my queen own her power and spread her love... I thought you would like to see how important your work is… to me and all the people you heal.
— Laurie M.