Frequently Ask Questions


What can I expect at a session?  You can expect to spend the first 15-30 minutes talking about your area of concern and any other information that might be useful.  After that you will lie down on a massage table with clothes on, under a blanket and an eye mask will be placed for total comfort and relaxation.  You can expect to be lying down for about 20-40 minutes, sometimes longer while work is being done on your energy field. Then you can expect another 10-20 minutes of follow up talk and integration.

How long is a session?  Sessions last from one hour to an hour and a half.

How do I know which service is right for me?  You may have a feeling that you need one type of service and that might be correct but it will depend on the initial consultation.

What should I wear?  Wear comfortable clothing.

What should I eat before and after the session?  Try not to eat right before a session and eat lightly the day before and after.  Refrain from alcohol and red meat the day of the session.  Drink plenty of water afterwards.

How many sessions are typically needed?  This depends but it is recommended to start with one to three sessions, spaced around every two weeks, more or less.  Followed by tune up whenever need.  This is a general guideline and varys greatly from client to client.

What is the cost?  The cost for a single session is $225, or three sessions signed up in advance are $600. “In home” visits are also possible with additional cost for travel time.

Do you see people after work hours or on weekends?  Yes, evenings and Saturdays are available for sessions.


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